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"long is the way and hard that out of Hell leads up to light"

life is a cabaret old chum

Princess Paradox
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Devotee of Oscar Wilde. Aesthete.

languid decadent dandy, materialist/agnostic/pagan, misanthrope/humanist, curious/indifferent, enthusiastic/exhausted

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I'm a writer. I would spend practically all my time writing if I could. Occasionally I buy lottery tickets. If I won I would move to Montreal, buy a house, fill it with books, and read and write all day long.

I adore Oscar Wilde. He's the most beautiful person I've ever known.

I'm a Hex-enthusiast. If star trek fans are trekkies then I'm a Hexie. If I was granted 3 wishes by a genie or a fairy or something one of them would be to get Hex back on the air. It's genius, and the fact that it was cancelled is yet one more sign of the decline of civilization.

I have a literary journal: mlle_lanthier

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Azazel applauds Jez for teaching the kids geometry. "Oh that's allright then! We'll forget about the war with heaven and teach the kids geometry instead!!"

My favourite Jez line: "Only a quiet mind will win the fight."

aestheticism, albert moore, amy winehouse, ancient astrology, ancient egypt, ancient greece & rome, ann radcliffe, anne rice, apollonius of tyana, architecture, art nouveau, balzac, baudelaire, beethoven, black books, blood & chocolate, bryan ferry, buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, byron, cabala, cabaret, cary grant, charles maturin, choderlos de laclos, chopin, christopher marlowe, coleridge, dante gabriel rossetti, dark shadows, dave gahan, david bowie, david tennant, depeche mode, doctor who, dumas, dylan moran, edgar allan poe, edmond de goncourt, edward burne-jones, edward gorey, emily bronte, epicurus, evelyn de morgan, evelyn waugh, f.scott fitzgerald, fairy tales, fallenneutralandblissfulangels, fassbenderirishcheshirecat, findesiecle, flowers, fred astaire, gide, gnosticism, goethe, greek mythology, greta garbo, gustave kahn, harry potter, hedwig&theangryinch, hex, historical fiction, huysmans, iggy pop, irish mythology, james marsters, jeeves & wooster, jemima rooper, jewellery, johann sebastian bach, john dee, john william waterhouse, jonathan rhys-meyers, joseph beattie, joss whedon, julian the apostate, keats, kurt cobain, laura pyper, liza minnelli, lou reed, lucretius, lucy watkins, magic, mallarme, marilyn monroe, merlin, milton, mozart, nero, new york dolls, nico, noel coward, opera, oscar wilde, p.g.wodehouse, paul valery, peoplewithblueeyes, percy bysshe shelley, perfume, peter sellers, pierre louys, placebo, plus belle la vie, psychedelic furs, psychology, pythagoras, queen of the damned, renee fleming, richard cavendish, robert downey jr., russell brand, sandro botticelli, seinfeld, shakespeare, simon magus, stained glass, stanhope, strudwick, suede, t rex, tarot cards, the 1920s, the clash, the cure, the medieval period, the mighty boosh, the office, the pixies, the renaissance, the smiths, the velvet underground, theharpsichord, theophile gautier, thomas hardy, thunderstorms, tim burton, vampires-fictional or otherwise, velvet acid christ, velvet goldmine, verlaine, vincent perez, vincent price, vincent van gogh, vnv nation, walkingincemeteries, walter pater, william morris, withnail and i, writing